Purchase guide

The warmest

  • From Quebec
  • Warmest fur
  • Well-liked for its endurance to extreme cold and strong winds

The lightest

  • Boot with a more refined look
  • Lightest fur
  • Contrary to popular belief, we do not recommend it for activities in extreme cold, nor for children who will wear it out quickly
  • Ideal for a walk, shopping or short winter activities

The strongest

  • Best quality-price ratio
  • The most durable fur and leather, recognized for their excellent durability properties
  • Highly recommended for kids
  • A wise choice for vigorous sports and activities, such as working in the forest, ice fishing, or playing outside for long periods of time

The most fashionable

  • Fashionable furs with long hair and thinner leathers
  • To savour the joys of winter with a look that stands out

The proper fitting size

Grenier boots are mainly unisex. Except for children boots, the size marked under the sole is a “Grenier” size, which corresponds to a men´s size. Women must therefore choose a boot two sizes smaller than they usually wear. For half-sizes, it is recommended to opt for one size up. At fitting, the boot should be very tight without being painful. After wearing them, you will notice that the inner booties will mold to your feet. Since there is no left or right boot, once it molds to your feet, we advise against interchanging the boots. A boot which is too big will interfere with heat conservation and comfort.