Raw furs

Selling your furs

As a family business, we have been working for 35 years in the fur area. We purchase raw wild fur pelts in all regions of Quebec.


Over 1,000 trappers put their trust in us because we offer:

A great payment advantage.

  • You have the choice of accepting or refusing to sell your fur following the estimation we give you.
  • You get paid right away.
  • You get the best price for your furs.


Example of a sale at an auction house

You sell worth of $100 of furs during a sale at an auction house. The total fees are of around 18.5% :

Income: $100.00 Furs

Minus: $11.00 Commission (11%) $2.00 Drumming (cost estimate of around 2%) $5.50 Royalty (around 5.5%)

Net income: $81.50

The merchant buying a pelt at an auction pays, in turn, around 15% commission on his purchase. Therefore, there is a total of 33.5% in commission fees from trapper to user. At Fourrures Grenier, we work with a gross profit of 20% between the trapper and the final user.


Professionals at your service!

  • Furs are evaluated and rated by professionals.
  • You are dealing with people who are experimented and are aware of all the trapping steps, preparation of the trapping material, up to the marketing of pelts.


A Quebec business

  • You are dealing with a Quebec business.
  • We occasionally go to certain cities in Abitibi, as well as in the Laurentides. Visit our site regularly. The dates and places will be posted as soon as they are known. Raw fur purchase schedule.


Raw fur purchase schedule

  • Dates TBA


A good source of information

  • We can advise you on fur dressing and on the art of trapping.
  • We give you an overview of the market and of the upcoming season.


A team involved and concerned

We are involved in educating the public in order to get it to consider fur as a renewable resource and the trapper, as a person that lives in harmony with nature.

We offer visits of our facilities to various groups by appointment: schoolchildren, customers, tourists.