Warmth in your winter

Opting for warmth and comfort. Favouring handmade products adapted to Canadian winters. Investing in durability for years to come. Spoiling ourselves because we deserve nothing less. Adopting a style that stands out because of its unique look - sometimes glamorous, sometimes chic.

maintaining and storing fur
Fabriqué à la main - Fourrures Grenier
Fait au Québec - Fourrures Grenier

The natural fit

Warm, comfortable, simple, classic garments that feel just right.

Deeply contemporary styles with an irresistible touch of the hinterland. That’s Fourrures Grenier, and the whole team shares its passion and pools its know-how to bring you garments that will stand the test of time.

95.00 $
Our soaps are handmade in small quantities. Consequently, the colors may vary.
If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use.
195.00 $

*In inches 


75.00 $

This model is one size only.

940.00 $985.00 $

*In Inches

15.5″ high, including sole.

If you are wearing a half size, you must order the top size.
Heat 4/5
Durability of fur 4/5
Durability of leather 5/5

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