Fashion trends for spring 2022

Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

Fashion trends for spring 2022

Spring is upon us and the reappearance of the sidewalks, the mild temperatures and the buds give us the desire to go out, see people … and redo our wardrobe. If you’re like me, the pleasure of shopping is obvious, but it’s difficult to find your way around and know which style to choose. However, this spring we offer you a list of the must-have fashion trends for the 2022 season.



In 1996, my mother had a set in her wardrobe that I called “her beige set”. The blouse, the pants, the belt: EVERYTHING was beige right down to the shoes… and the same beige also! To my surprise, she may have to dust off this ensemble since monochrome is resurfacing this season. It is always possible to match colors, but wearing the same color in “block” has become trendy again. Opt for a jacket and pants set of the same color, but let a shirt of another color appear under the jacket, for example.

Bright colors

Spring is often synonymous with rebirth, renewal… and for two years, the moment when we start to live a little again! The trendy colors this season reflect this renewed life. Yellow, purple and even white are colors to highlight. From a more basic point of view, red and blue will also add some bite to your wardrobe.


Loose cuts

The theme of simplicity is already mentioned when talking about the monochromatic bent, but this concept is also exploited in the cuts. The trend is for loose, wide and simplistic cuts, like the wide blazer that we see more and more.




The return of the bermuda shorts also embraces this orientation based on simplicity.
These long shorts have a slightly boyish and less fitted look, free to move and synonymous with comfort.
Bermuda shorts will discourage you from wearing anything else this summer.
Along the same lines, forget the skinny jeans for a while and the more fitted shorts,
someone just whispered in my ear that they’ve had a good life, but we’re slowly moving on.




The light and artistic appearance of a crocheted garment perfectly compliments a spring or summer outfit. The crochet adds a retro, bohemian look that softens the boldness and liveliness of the bright colors.


We find in the integration of fringes the same bohemian and folk inspiration that brings us the return of crochet. It’s a lightness that is not only reserved for country music fans! You will see them on jackets mainly.

2000s RETURN

I’m not teaching you anything by telling you that fashion is a cycle. What is outdated today will be fashionable in 10 or 20 years. We are currently experiencing a return to the trends of the early 2000s… for better or for worse! A few controversial items will delight some and bring back bad memories for others. I’m thinking in particular of low-waisted pants, platform heels and miniskirts.



Also remember that before opting for any style, we want you to choose clothes in which you feel comfortable. The mini skirt and beige sets only make sense if they contribute to your well-being and comfort.