History of Black Friday

History of Black Friday

Like many of you, we questioned ourselves about the history of Black Friday. Here are the results of our research …

This day called Black Friday is said to be associated with a phenomenon that occurred particularly in Philadelphia, the day after Thanksgiving. Indeed, many people took advantage of this holiday to start their holiday shopping, causing massive congestion of cars and pedestrians on the streets. Journalists used to describe this situation using the term black.

According to some, Black Friday would designate the famous financial Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Others also say that since the bookkeeping was done by hand, red ink was used for the deficit results. Several businesses experienced a slowdown in sales in the months of September and October, consequently their accounts were in red. Black Friday was a day to rectify the finances and get the paperwork from red to black.

This long-standing American tradition has spread around the world. Today, Black Friday marks the start of the end-of-year shopping period and many merchants take advantage of it to have promotional events.


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