Pompom Fur Toque

Tuque de pompon - Fourrures Grenier

The Trendy Pompom Fur Toque

The pompom fur toque, in all its styles, has taken on the fur of the beast!

According to Wikipedia, the tuque is the oldest known form of headgear. It was especially reserved for the higher classes! Then, it was mainly used to protect people heads from the cold.

This accessory rather reserved for the youth and the male gender literally aroused interest among women with the arrival of the famous fur pompom Since then, women of all ages have proudly worn the fur pompom toque. From chic to a more casual look, each one defines its style according to the model of hat, color and choice of pompoms. From the small beanie style toque to the longest model, from black to multicolored, from ultra hot to one that is suitable for warmer temperatures, this accessory can be worn for any occasion.

Grenier Fur Beanies

Always looking for new trends, we design and make high quality products in Quebec. We have created a detachable fur pompom that can be easily and quickly fixed on all models of toques. They are available online here.

We also offer 5 models of quality toques in several colors. You can easily choose your favorite toque and the pompom of your choice:

Classique – a classic cable beanie model as its name suggests. 100% acrylic, made in Quebec available in 8 colors. This hat fits perfectly to 95% of women and the majority of children aged 6 years old and over.

Sophia – the big sister of the classic, in longer format. 100% acrylic, made in Quebec and available in 3 colors.

Lorie – a little more chic and upscale model by its composition which contains casmhere. This tuque is less suitable for people with a very small head. It is available in 5 colors, including 3 more vivid.

Noann – my personal favorite! A tuque that is perfect for people with a good head! Made in Poland, this high-end model is made of wool, acrylic and polyamide.

Coeur  – handcrafted model made of polyester and lined in polar. This hat has a unique look of its own with its heart shape details in leather.

You are looking for an original gift to offer? The fur pompom toque is the perfect gift. Prices vary between 60$ and 85$ depending on the model.

Finally, don’t waste time and order online from the comfort of your home!


Written by Jeanne Grenier, Director General