Sealskin Boots are the Warmest: Myth or Reality?


Sealskin Boots

The sealskin boots are considered by many to be the warmest boots on the market. What is it really like?

Several factors must be considered to determine the warmth of a product.


  • Sole and thickness. The farther our feet are from the ground, the warmer we will be.
  • Breathability. People who tend to sweat will freeze feet faster in a non-breathing boot.
  • Lining. The thickness of the lining and its material are factors that contribute to heat preservation.
  • Exterior and the finishing material. A leather boot will certainly cut the wind more than a one made in fabric.

But the most important factor to consider at the end is the fur! It plays a major role in insulating the boot.

Indeed, the length of the fur, its down and the thickness of the leather all play a very important role in keeping your feet warm. Especially in the situation of a person sitting in the back of a snowmobile with their feet in the wind!

When we look at sealskin boots, and compare it to beaver boots, we can quickly notice that the seal fur has no fluff and a very short hair. While the beaver fur has long hair and a lot of down.

So how can a sealskin boot be warmer than a beaver boot with the same lining and sole? The answer is IMPOSSIBLE!


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Some would say that the seal lives in water. To these one I will answer that the beaver too. But, it must be said: whether the animal originally lives in water or on land is of no importance. What makes the fur water resistant is the tanning. I’ve already seen seal skins soaking water like a paper towel because of its different tanning.

At Fourrures Grenier, we are sure that the sealskin boot is not the warmest.

Out of curiosity, we decided to have it tested by the CTT group in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. Its thermal value still exceeded the maximum capacity of the device, -61 ° C (see the result in the document at the very end of the article).

In short, the sealskin boot is very hot thanks to its thick sole, its large lining and its outer fur. But it’s not the warmest winter boot! The seal boot is perfect for walking, playing outdoors or shopping. However, if you are snowmobiling and you are sensible to the cold, I don’t recommend this product to you.

I would add that a fur boot is’nt waterproof. It’s water resistant. If you want to wear your boots for another 20 years, avoid wearing them in the waterlogged snow!

In a future blog article, I will talk to you about why a pair of fur boots can be so warm. In the meantime, I invite you to take a look at our fur boots collection here and their technical specifications here.

Finaly, our landscapes are so beautiful under the snow! I hope you will enjoy the magnificent outdoors.

Jeanne Grenier – Co-owner and general manager