Hats and beanies for men

Our collection of men’s hats and beanies will be the greatest asset of your wardrobe this winter! Treat yourself with quality and warmth every day with Grenier Furs products.

Three models of hats are available:

  • Aviator, made of leather and fur. It has longer ears and is therefore usually worn      with the ears down. A little more fashion than the postman, this hat is made with      several colors of leather and as well as furs.
  • Postman, made of leather and fur or any fur. This hat is more classic and it is          timeless. With its ears are shorter, it can be worn with both lowered and raised          ears.
  • Davy Croket, all in fur and also decorated with a raccoon head. A true work of art, this hat inspired by the legendary Davy Crockett is carefully handcrafted.

A few beanies are also available for you!

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