Care guide

Our boots and fur products: Easy to care for

With Fourrures Grenier boots, you have surely warmed up your winter. You have made the right choice!

You could extend the lifespan of your fur boots with proper care and maintenance. Before stepping outside, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid wearing your boots in wet snow. Since our boots are designed for extreme cold, we recommend you wear them when the temperature drops below -5 °C.
  • If your boots are wet, we recommend you dry the inner booties in the dryer at medium temperature. Once dried, reinsert them in the boots, allowing them to keep their shape. NEVER PUT YOUR BOOTS DIRECTLY ON A HEAT SOURCE, but rather at a reasonable distance.


You can clean them either with a damp cloth or by combing gently with a pet brush.


Proper storage

When the season ends, always store your fur product in a cool, dry and ventilated place. DO NOT PUT IN THE FREEZER. It is not recommended and is strongly discouraged!

Before storing, we recommend that you conduct a short inspection:

  • Inside the boots: check the eyelets and the seams;
  • Outside the boots: check the innersoles, reinforcements and lining and removable inner booties.


To get repairs done or to buy new lining and removable inner booties, we invite you to contact your authorized dealer. The best time to repair your boots is from March to November.



We are proud to offer the best warranty on the market. To ensure that you are buying the genuine Grenier label, look for its name under the sole.

  • Our sole has a lifetime warranty.
  • A 5-year warranty applies to the other components.
  • Fire, excessive heat, snowmobile foot warmers and contact with a petroleum product may damage the sole of your boots. We assume no liability or responsibility for any of these damages.


We will honour our warranty upon presentation of a sales receipt.


Absolutely no endangered species are used in the manufacturing of our fur products. Trapping is done using methods that are respectful of wildlife and the environment.


At Fourrures Grenier, we only use the best quality materials in the manufacturing of our products which are worn and well-liked world-wide. All our boots will keep you warm. The best way to ensure this is to choose the appropriate fur based on your activities.
Winter since 1970.

All our boots are tested at -61 °C by the CTT Group, the lowest temperature the company can test at. Even then, our boots maintained their maximum thermal comfort.